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Thanks very much for your interest in Modius – it is the first step to a leaner healthier you!

Careable TechnologyTM

Careable TechnologyTM is, to us, wearable technology that actually does something… like help you with weight loss.


Traditionally wearables have been focused on monitoring you, allowing you to see how many steps you’re walking, maybe what your heart rate is or how many calories you’re burning.


But the last few years have seen a new wave of neuro-stimulation brands. Each offering the chance to do more than just measure, but rather to have an actual, measurable effect on you.


This is the category Modius sits in too. It is a general wellness device and is intended solely to assist adults with weight loss and weight management goals.


We don’t just help you get lean by telling you your current weight-status or sending you messages about what a good job you’ve done by walking 8,000 steps. Through our community, Modius.Life, we are with you throughout your weightloss journey.

Modius has been patented in the United States with US Patent number 9731125 and we currently are patent pending in Canada, the European Patent Office, China, Hong Kong, and all other key markets globally.