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Modius in the Media

Sky News

Sky News journalist and presenter Gemma Evans spent some time with our very own Dr Jason McKeown explaining how Modius works and revealed the results our customers have experienced so far.

This Morning

Watch Phil and Holly talking about Modius on ITV’s This Morning show. 

CBS Los Angeles

Watch Marta Fox as she talks about her successful weight loss journey with Modius on CBS Los Angeles.

The Doctors

Modius was featured on hit US TV show “The Doctors” where 3 members of the audience used the headset for 60 days and shared their amazing results.


Ready To Lose Weight?

Modius Will Make It Easier!

The Modius headset targets the area in the brain responsible for your desire for food by reducing your appetite and cravings!

It's Easy To Use!

Connect your headset to the Modius app (iOS 9+ and Android 5.0+) and relax as you use Modius for one hour per day.

The Science

It’s all in your head. Really. Your ability to run faster, cycle further, train harder, your metabolism, your hunger levels and why you can’t keep weight off even when you lose it.

Click through to learn more about the neuroscience behind Modius and how our groundbreaking headset can help you achieve your physical goals, whether they’re athletic,  aesthetic or weight-loss related.

From Our Customers

Facebook Rating
I've tried to diet for years with some success. In my last diet I Iost around 23Kg over a two year period dropping to 107.9Kg. I spent the whole duration feeling like I was starving. And after Istopped, the weight came back over 5 years.I started using the Modius device in April. Since then I've never felt hungry (I've also lost my fear of heights for some reason), and in 90 days I've lost 23.7Kg.As of today I'm probably lighter than I was when I was 16 and I'm not got to stop here. I've set a new target of 90Kg.
Barry Smith
Good product with exceptional support. The main benefits I've gotten from Modius is improved ability to fall asleep and control of my appetite. To put that in to perspective, my dad used to make fun of me as a child, that I "eat for 4." And I have a reputation as a big eater of everything from savouries to sweets. I still enjoy my food, but I have a normal appetite. I've never had a normal appetite in my life, until now. I can only speak for the benefits I've had, and other people have experienced additional improvements, which I hope will also come with my consistent use. I'm not overweight, so my goal is to maximising my health, fitness and tone, without too much effort. To date I've lost 7 pounds and I'm about 5 pounds away from my ideal goal weight. I actually find using Modius an enjoyable experience, kind of fun!read more
Justin Donne
Though I received delivery of my Modius headset in November 2017, for various reasons, I did not start full time use till 26th January 2018. As I have a great deal of weight to lose and a number of medical problems, I also joined Weight Watchers. I found daily use of Modius, for 60 minutes, has greatly improved my quality of sleep and thus my energy. My cravings for biscuits and crisps is practically non existent, which has made it easier to lose weight - 26 lbs in 4 months. The support from the Modius Mentors and Customer Services is outstanding and hugely motivational, plus the Modius Life Facebook Community is inspirational; all unforeseen bonuses when purchasing a headset. For me, the improved sleep has been worth the price of the more
Veronica Wald
Down 7.1kg in 1 month, definitely helps you on any health/diet you might be doing and sleep is so much better
Jeremy Nargi
It is the best product I have ever came across I have went from thinking I will always be fat to being confident that I am gong to become leaner & fitter I cant wait it is worth buying I have been happier more positive about changing my life and not been interested in all the bad stuff I had previously been eating and it started working very quickly
Mary Ross
I am on week 2 of my Modius journey, but i will start with a little about me first, i have suffered from depression for 18 years, since i lost my only child Sarah (17) to cancer, my sleep was terrible, i went to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning (when i was exhausted to ensure that i was not lying awake for hours), over the past year, i had given up, hardly going anywhere, just sitting all day and night.....ok thats the depressing part done.....Day 1 Modius, i started at level 8 (thats just me, every one choses which level suits them best), Immediately that day i did not feel hungry (weird right),but since that day i have not felt hungry, but what totally took me by surprise was that on that night i was so tired that i was in bed by 11pm and i slept until 8 am the following day, plus i woke up with not the usual dread, but happy and energised and it has remained that husband has noticed the BIG change in my personality, as i am so much more talkative and energised. So last week i lost 2lbs.( my advise to anyone who is thinking of purchasing Modius is do it, the team are fantastic and supportive), i will weigh myself on monday to see what week 2 brings, however, I'm in this for the long haul, i am a happier person using modius, I bought Modius because i want to lose weight, and the fact that i am never hungry now means that i am sure i will......thank you so much Modiusread more
Julie Williams
For the first time in my life I feel in control of my food consumption. In 3 weeks I have lost one stone and I am so so happy. The staff at Modius are like nowhere else, they're so supportive and always there to give sound advice. So thank you to the Modius team and a big thank you to Dr Jason Mckeown for creating this magical device! One very happy customer xxx
Julie Tarbox
I have only used Modius for a week and I have seen the changes with my eating habits. I can't eat a lot of food and I snack less. It's help me sleep better too.
Shivon VonniAntishappilymarried Holton
I started using Modius daily, since Jan, 17, 2018. Results: Sleeping better, longer and deeper. My pants are much looser and I have lost up to 5 pounds. I work out everyday and Modius has become a part of health/fitness regimen. I do not understand all the science behind it but I know it is doing something and I plan to continue using it long term.
Jimi Akiboh
I started using my Modius in December 2017, 5-7 times a week, always on level 10. Like many of you, I gained weight at first! 😱 I was 172 lbs when I started Modius and got up to 178 lbs within a couple of weeks! I personally do not think this had anything to do with my Modius use, rather it was most likely a mental thing where I was subconsciously (and consciously) thinking that my eating habits would soon change forever so I better eat everything bad while I can, haha! I now weigh 162 lbs. I contribute this to Modius and to a big lifestyle shift, more recently. I have not made any time to work out in at least 2 months but I still saw some weight loss regardless of that. In the past two weeks I have started to fast intermittently. I eat whatever I want between 8am and 2pm during the week. I love going out to dinner and going to happy hours, so I try to adjust my eating schedule accordingly when I can. Life is short though so I don’t stress about it too much. 😃Well thanks for reading! If you’re feeling discouraged with Modius, I encourage you to hang in there! It’s not going to happen over night, but we literally do not have anything to lose and they couldn’t have made it any easier for us! I wear my Modius at night while watching tv and sometimes just fall asleep with it on 🙃read more
Vanessa Cobbs
Modius is the future today! At first... I thought it was... "in my head (imagination)!" I found myself out in the yard trimming rose bushes instead of binging the newest Netflix. Then I was inviting a friend to take a walk. I then was ordering a fantastic salad at dinner instead of fish and chips (a fave!) & I enjoyed it! I am certain these changes are not simply "imagination." I am making healthy choices on autopilot and then thinking... yes!!! You see... I am a healthy lean individual who fell off the health wagon a couple of years ago due to a gym injury and some life hardships and packed on a few pounds. THANK you Modius!!! With your help..... I am well on my way to finally reclaiming my healthy self! More energy!!! Less Cravings!! Better food choices!! Sound Sleep!! #modiussuccessstory #modiusjourneyread more
Jennifer Holman
As a retired nurse, I was fascinated by the science behind this device. When a close friend shared with me the incredible results she was experiencing with it, I was intrigued, as I have struggled with post menopausal weight gain for years. I finally ordered my own device a month later (but wish I had done it sooner). I've used the device faithfully for a full week and am thrilled to report the following :1) I am experiencing uninterrupted sleep for the first time in years, waking up refreshed and energized, instead of groggy, so I'm actually starting to exercise again.2) My cravings for carbs have greatly diminished, but my craving for water has increased significantly.3) I feel full quicker, so have reduced my portion size by 50%.4) I have lost 2 pounds on the scales, but my clothes are fitting as if I've lost more. My watch is now loose on my wrist and I don't struggle to take my rings on and off.5) My body fat percentage has decreased by .5%.When I compare the cost for this device against the thousands of dollars I've spent on diets, appetite suppressants (with horrible side effects), fad exercise plans, and doctor visits, this is a true bargain!Thank you everyone at Modius, for caring enough to bring this amazing science to the world, and for giving me back the hope that I had all but given up on. I can't wait to see what the next few months will bring!!read more
Jeanne Hyler
I have been using Modius for 6 weeks (along with my two friends) and absolutely love it! I have noticed a dramatic change in my sleep and aches and pains along with less cravings for surgary foods which has been life changing. I am committed to using Modius for the long term as part of my lifestyle and am excited to see the difference it makes over the next 12 months. Thanks to all the team at Modius for your wonderful customer service and support! P.S. I had a BOD POD scan done at the start and will share results in Modius Life when I go back in a few months
Heather Burns
I have been using the device for 45 days and have had amazing results. I got a Bod Pod Test performed on day one and day 45. I have lost 1.4kg in weight, had a reduction in body fat of 13.5% (17.7% to 15.5%) which is around 7lbs. I gained 2.5lbs of lean mass which means that my time in the gym is paying off. A product that has given me more get up and go. It has helped with my sleep pattern and also my quality of sleep. But most importantly, it has made me lose body fat. The main reason I decided you use Modius.Stephen FerrisFormer International Rugby player
Stephen Ferris
I started using Modius February 1,2018. It has been almost three weeks. I immediately noticed if I use Modius just prior to sleeping, I sleep very well, and solid for 8 hours.I have been struggling with falling to sleep for over 30 years. I purchased Modius to lose weight; which in the next three months, I'm hoping to lose 6 pounds. I am an avid hiker, biker, kayaker, and skier. I have been living an active lifestyle, forever. The area of my body I'm trying to become leaner is my mid-section. At my age, it is the only fat that makes me unhappy!I am grateful for Modius to solve my sleep problem. I will let you all know about my belly in two months! Hopefully, good bye belly!Mimiread more
Mimi Padden
I just completed 12 weeks of Modius usage. The first 8 weeks were an utter disappointment. I gained almost 6 pounds and was feeling like this was a complete waste of time and money. Then a switch flipped and over the next 4 weeks I lost nearly 10 pounds, putting me down 4 from my starting point. I did not intentionally change my diet, I just found that I wasn't hungry, had no desire to snack and little desire for alcohol. I'm just eating much less and feeling perfectly satisfied. I worked my way up to level 10 after a few weeks and have only missed 1 day in 12 weeks. Obviously everyone's experience is different and for some this might not work, but I'm extremely happy with the results so more
Jacqueline Byers
I have used the Modius device for almost 12 weeks now. It has worked for me. I have lost 16 pounds so far and most of that is fat. How do I know? I have increased my strength in that time too and I have reduced my body fat by about 5%. I have noticed positive changes in what I think can affect the body fat set point (which is what it is supposed to do). These positive changes include: reduced stress, reduced appetite, increased desire to move, and decreased sugar cravings. I mention this because I think some people are expecting to lose weight by just slapping on this device. I don’t think it would work if I just did that. The reason? It is about changing a host of factors that impact your body’s natural tendency to store a certain amount of fat. If you don’t cooperate with commonly understood principles (eating way too many calories, being way to stressed out, not drinking enough water, and not getting enough sleep) I’m pretty sure you will remain at the level of fatness you are at or get fatter no matter what you do.Thermodynamics, stress, sleep, and hydration are just too powerful for modius to overcome.But, if you cooperate with what I have found the Modius device nudges you toward: eating less, moving more, choosing healthier options and sleeping more and better, you will see great results. I am stoked about how lean I am now and am grateful that Jason and his team have invented such a great more
Chris Barry
I'm doing well with my Modius experience so far, and I'm approaching it as a grand experiment! I'm not dieting, to me that defeats the intentions of the headset (although I do make healthful choices most of the time, of course!).I've been documenting my progress with videos, and you can just go to my KC O'Day page on youtube if you want to watch them!
KC O'Day
I can't say enough good things about my experience with the Modius device and the company behind it. Any time I've had any questions or concerns their team has been quick to respond and it feels like they genuinely care about my well being. I have been using Modius for about two months now and I've lost over 3 inches on my waist! I had some hormonal weight gain around my midsection that pre-modius just would not budge. Needless to say I'm thrilled with my results so far and I'm looking forward to what's to come. Some other positive side effects I've experienced aside from fat loss are a more stable energy, more balanced hormones, less PMS, more stamina in workouts, more desire to move my body, higher libido, less craving for sugar and carbs, better connection with my bodies ability to tell me when it's full, honestly the list goes on and on. If you're on the fence about purchasing this device or putting your trust in this company my resounding advice would be to go for it! I've had nothing but an amazing more
LB Brown
Wonderful! Wonderful Modius! 🙏🏻 I have been using my headset since 20th October with no changes to my diet, or exercise and in that time, joy of joys, my night sweats have ceased! My depth of sleep has improved immeasurably and I no longer clear the plate before my ‘full’ sign clicks in. Therefore, no bloated over eating feelings, more energy from better sleep, a dry bed AND like others, I have started dropping the weight in the last couple of weeks as my fat storage point truly gets the message! Prior to that, my scales stayed the same, but my measurements reduced, as the muscle increased and burned off the fat 😎I am honoured to be a part of the incredible cutting edge science 🔬 the team are there 24 hours a day and are a joy! The customer service has been nothing short of amazing 😍 all and any questions are answered promptly and positively. We are the Modius family and I love you all! 🙏🏻🌸🌺🌸🙏🏻read more
Melanie Jacqueline Cleary
I highly recommend Modius Health. They've a superb customer care team who help & advise every step of the way.
Damien Jordan
I am on week 9 of using headset. I had lost almost 11 stone on my own but for whatever reason I started to gain weight even though I was on my plan and weighing in. I also have a health issue which can make life difficult and I cannot exercise. I was gaining more than losing which meant i had a 3 stone gain or just over of my almost 11 stone loss. Then came along modius which has helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. I had few small gains the first weeks of using it and im certain without modius those gains would have been more than small ones but I was losing inches. With sticking with it and using my device over the last two weeks I've lost almost 10lbs doing what I've done for the past 3 years and i definitely put that loss down to using modius. It's been a godsend to me this past 9 weeks and I'm looking forward to the coming monthsread more
Lisa Ireland
Ten weeks today since the headset landed on my head. Over this time I have read nearly all the posts and comments.....what a range, from positive to negative, from complaining to gratitude. I watched a slot on the news yesterday- a trial in the Uk, type 2 diabetics drinking a solution so many times per day for so many weeks with a percentage seeing reversal or partial recovery. What I see with Modius is something different. A product which goes to the control centre, speeds up the metabolism, improves sleep, reduces cravings and works,- it is in its infancy but I could well see many parts of the brain, diseases, conditions being helped or reversed by various electrical frequency stimulation.I usually post my weight on a Wednesday, so this week down another 0.8 kgs. So the exact figures are 15.8.8 stone to 14.0.8. All I have been doing is using the headset daily (1hour). My sweet cravings are gone, still a few carbs creep in but are diminished. I'm eating healthier, trying to get a little more exercise and I keep thinking "I want to change, I want my blood lipids to improve naturally, I don't want to be a burden on the NHS, I want to live long, enjoy life and giggle" This morning as always I have a strong sense of gratitude for this device. Thank you to Jason McKeown, Paul McGeoch, Neil Anderson, Jane McClenaghan, Hannah Heimer and all at Team Modius. Everyone has a strong desire to see us all healthier and live a better life. So everyone keep using the headset, if it doesn't work right away persevere, if it crashes reset and reinstall the app- keep the big picture in more
David Brown
Excellent, 5 star 🌟 customer service that's before I've even received the device. Thank you Modius 😍
Danielle House
Customer support has been amazing ! Every time I sent an email, I received a quick courteous response. I just got my device today....a few weeks late... which they informed of us in September so it wasn't a big deal. Now if the modius can help me with weight loss....I'll be beyond thrilled.
Lisa Johnson
A brilliant piece of equipment in your health arsenal. This device can help improve your sleep, apparently have a positive effect on your hormones and it really helps give you the edge over your brain’s attempt to sabotage your fat loss goals by resetting your hunger signals. I feel more motivated to work out, my waist is slimmer (as are other body parts) and I haven’t had the hard slog and feelings of starving that I experienced in the 6 months of trying to improve my health prior to getting modius. Not only that, when I injured my neck and was unable to workout (or watch my diet) over Christmas, I didn’t gain any weight, in fact I had a small weight loss. I was a very light sleeper and woke up multiple times a night, now after using modius, my sleep is much improved. I originally got the device out of curiosity and with the hope it would help take the struggle out of weight loss and I’m beyond impressed with the benefits I’ve gained from using it. I plan to never give it up.There are some reviews about the device / app being buggy and poor customer service, which is not my overall experience. I’ve had to reset my device a few times, it’s not a big issue but I feel that people have over-inflated expectations on a device that is newly developed and will therefore have teething issues. The modius team have been great, are very helpful and supportive. The private facebook community is meant to be a supportive one to encourage members etc, however some people choose to use it as a way to communicate their distress with problems (rather than messaging one of the team privately or sending an email) but thankfully this has been resolved. Complaints about being removed from the forum etc, are I suspect because of inappropriate use of the forum, not because the modius team is underhanded or trying to hide more
Catherine Wall
On the day of the launch of the campaign, we decided to conduct a wonderful campaign for our backers! We decided to arrange a lottery for our backers! Among all the backers who bought any reward before September 17, 2017, we will play 10 free sets for a newborn baby worth $ 2430!To take part and use your chance to win, choose any award before September 17, 2017!We will publish the results of the lottery on September 18, 2017 in the update section of our campaign!
Mikki Verdandy
Really love that they take the time to answer questions and explain the technology behind the device. Greatly appreciated thank you.
John Yavenue

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