What is Modius?

Modius is a headset worn for a few hours a week which stimulates the part of the brain associated with metabolism and fat storage.

The headset generates a low-level electrical pulse that is interpreted by the brain
as a signal to become leaner.

Many people hit a weight loss plateau in the early stages of their weight loss journey. Modius helps break through this plateau by activating the hypothalamus

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The Science

It’s all in your head. Really. How lean you are, your ability to run faster, cycle further,
train harder, and why you can’t keep weight off even when you lose it, your hunger
levels, your metabolism – all controlled by the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. 

At Modius we know the power of the brain – we’re founded and run by some of the
world’s leading neuroscientists.

Click through to read more about the neuroscience behind Modius and how
we can help you achieve your physical goals, whether they’re athletic,  aesthetic or
weight-loss related.

How to get lean today

In one hour a day, using the Modius headset and app we can help you achieve your physical goals, whatever
they may be! 

Use the app (available on iOS & Android) to track your progress: weight changes,
body fat reduction, BMI, waist inches.

Modius in the Media

The Doctors

Modius was featured on hit US TV show “The Doctors” where 3 members of the audience used the headset for 60 days and shared their amazing results.

This Morning

Watch Phil and Holly talking about Modius on ITV’s This Morning show 

From Our Customers

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