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Thanks very much for your interest in Modius – it is the first step to a leaner healthier you!

Get lean

Modius is a groundbreaking Careable techTM headset from Californian health-tech company Neurovalens. It can help you get a lean body, and keep a lean body.


It is a non-invasive, drug-free device that uses a method of electrical stimulation to activate the vestibular center in your brain. This is interpreted by the brain as a signal to reduce body weight, helping you achieve a leaner body.


Modius is for the vast majority of people, whether you exercise a little or a lot … you just need to want a lean body.

Simple and Easy to Use

Modius is non-invasive and does not rely on drugs of any kind. You simply put the headset on, attach sticky pads behind your ears, turn it on and control it with the mobile app. Use Modius for 45 -60 minutes per session while reading or watching television, five times per week to help you lose weight and get a lean body. It really is that simple!


Find out more about how the Modius device helps you change your lifestyle for the better and uses technology to start you on your weight loss journey.

Careable TechnologyTM

Careable TechnologyTM is, to us, wearable technology that actually does something. Like, help you get the lean body you want.


Traditionally, wearables have been focused on monitoring you, allowing you to see how many steps you’re taking, maybe what your heart-rate is and/or how many calories you’re burning.


But the last few years have seen a new wave of neuro-stimulation brands come through to public availability, with each offering the user the chance to do more than just measure, but to have an actual, measurable effect on you.


Discover the fascinating information behind using technology devices to help you on your weight loss journey.


Neurovalens is an independent Careable TechnologyTM company focusing on using neuroscience to improve people’s lives. It was founded by neuroscientists Dr Paul McGeoch & Dr Jason McKeown in 2013. Modius (US Patent 9731125) is the first product from the company.


Discover the team behind Modius

Modius is indicated to assist adults with their weight management goals. And when I say 'adults', I mean you, now, today. - Dr Paul McGeoch / Co-Founder
I'm a neuroscientist with a deep passion for technology and I absolutely love what I do - leading a brand which is revolutionising the world's approach to how we all stay lean, healthy & happy. Dr Jason McKeown / Co-founder