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What's in the box?

Every Modius box comes complete with everything you need to kick start your weight loss journey, including:

  1. - Modius Headset
  2. - 150 pads and 100 alcohol wipes (enough for 75 Modius sessions)
  3. - Charging cable
  4. - Modius User Guide

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

We fully expect you to be delighted with the results and want to keep your Modius. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you have 45 days from the date you receive your headset to request a full refund if you purchased your headset via our website*. Return shipping costs are not covered unless legally required in the country of residence. Please email and our Customer Care team will be able to help.

We require you to return your headset in an acceptable condition along with the charger, cable, any unused pads & wipes and the carry case (if you received one) in the original box within the return time frame. The 45 day time frame commences from the date that you received your headset.

The maximum total refund available from a cashback claim and our money back guarantee is the total that you paid for your device and not more.

We will refund the amount received by us, and are not liable for any fees or fluctuations in exchange rate between the date purchased and the date refunded.

*The 45 day return period does not apply to Refurbished Headsets.

FREE Shipping

We provide free shipping to all countries that we are currently permitted to send Modius to.

Currently we can ship Modius to the following regions / countries:

  1. - United Kingdom
  2. - Canada
  3. - Ireland
  4. - Australia
  5. - New Zealand
  6. - EU

Modius headset orders placed via our website are usually dispatched within 3 - 5 working days via DHL Express.

Thousands of users in 80+ countries
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Modius Health - Sessions Completed


Sessions Completed

Modius Health - Total Weight Loss

25,772 lbs

Total Weight Loss

Modius Health - Average Weight Loss

47.59 lbs

Top 100 Avg Weight Loss

Modius Health - Average Weight Loss

10.37 lbs

Avg Weight Loss (All)*

Modius Health - Average Weight Loss Female

10.22 lbs

Avg Weight Loss (Female)*

Modius Health - Average Weight Loss Male

10.6 lbs

Avg Weight Loss (Male)*

* Based on data from 1,668 users who self-reported 5 or more weight entries and lost weight. They represent approximately 72% of all users who reported 5 or more weight entries.

Our success stories

Denise - 40 years old

Since May 2018 I have lost 65lbs.

I was at my heaviest and was not feeling great about myself and more importantly, my health was suffering.

Now that I have lost the weight, I feel amazing and more confident. My health is normal, no more high blood pressure.

Honestly, I hated who I had become before losing the weight. I can now move more freely and with ease. I look and feel better. I feel like I am in my late 20’s again.

It did help me lose fat, while keeping muscle.

Stephen - 43 years old

Since May 2018 I have lost 44lbs.

I had been trying to lose weight for some time and had been trying to watch what I was eating and was seeing a personal trainer at the gym a few times a week. Initially I did lose weight but after a while it just plateaued and I wasn’t losing anymore.

Modius absolutely made it easier. I have also noticed I am not nearly as hungry as I was previously. Being a chef you are constantly around food and it’s very tempting to constantly graze but I don’t do this anymore. Also, I find it easier to not snack when I get home.

Bree - 45 years old

I actively started trying to lose weight in March when I weighted in at 252 lbs and wanted to dramatically improve my health.

Modius was the game changer for me which made it easier to stay on track as I didn’t return to emotional eating.

I added Modius into my weight loss journey in January 2018 and found that it really helped me to avoid over-eating and reducing my sugar and carb cravings.

By December, I had lost 70lbs through a combination of Modius plus an improved diet and more exercise.

*Results may vary

Meeting with the UK Prime Minster

This year Neurovalens was delighted to be have invited to 10 Downing Street to speak with the UK Prime Minister as part of London Tech Week 2020. There we had the opportunity to showcase our Modius range of devices including or newest product - Modius Sleep.

Use Modius SLIM with your
smartphone or tablet

The Modius app allows you to control your headset levels, log your weight, track your progress and stay motivated with 24/7 access to the Modius Life community.

iOS and Android
Using Modius Using Modius 02
Modius Sleep Dr Jason McKeown

The Doctor
Behind Modius

Dr Jason McKeown combined his passion for improving people’s lives, neurology and technology to create Modius.

“Together, science and technology have tremendous potential to improve the lives of millions of people across the world”


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People Modius

Modius worked me through a weight loss plateau that no other system could break through in three years of trying. In one hundred days I lost 15.4 pounds. I lost all cravings and felt full eating smaller portions of food. I am a happy user of Modius.


Modius really kickstarted my weightloss! It significantly reduced my food and wine cravings and when I do eat I find I'm full after only about 1/2 my normal amount of food. I was amazed when I lost 10lbs in the first few weeks using Modius AND I have kept it off for over 2 months by continuing to use Modius, eating healthy, and moderately exercising. Modius has also improved the quality of my sleep when I've used it in the evenings. I'm so pleased to have found Modius and only wish I'd found it sooner!


Easiest weight loss ever! The gadget is user friendly, the app is straightforward. I am enjoying sitting still for an hour a day and am losing weight steadily without feeling hungry or obsessing about food all the time.


Been using the modius for little over 2 months, it's helped me a great deal, I was addicted to sugar all day I would be munching on biscuits, cake ect. I have now cut all my sugar intake completely out.. I've lost a dress size. It's slowly but surely coming off, and that's fine with me because I know it will stay off.. I've also halved my food intake also. So I'm eating in big meal a day. Then myb a sandwich if I'm hungry later which is rarely.. So thumbs up!


Modus has been amazing for me. I have lost 17kg in 9 months. it acts like a sprinkler system on your appetite and cravings enabling you to make healthier choices. I sleep better, am more motivated to face the day and aim to continue to lose 30kg overall. totally confidant i will achieve this with the help of Modius. The online chat room is really helpful too. first class product and worth every penny. Highly recommend Modius!