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Lisa Ireland

December 7, 2017

I am on week 9 of using headset. I had lost almost 11 stone on my own but for whatever reason I started to gain weight even though I was on my plan and weighing in. I also have a health issue which can make life difficult and I cannot exercise.

I was gaining more than losing which meant i had a 3 stone gain or just over of my almost 11 stone loss. Then came along Modius which has helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. I had few small gains the first weeks of using it and I’m certain without Modius those gains would have been more than small ones but I was losing inches.

With sticking with it and using my device over the last two weeks I’ve lost almost 10 lbs doing what I’ve done for the past 3 years and i definitely put that loss down to using Modius. It’s been a godsend to me this past 9 weeks and I’m looking forward to the coming months

Melanie Jacqueline Cleary

February 3 at 1:02pm

Wonderful! Wonderful Modius! I have been using my headset since 20th October with no changes to my diet, or exercise and in that time, joy of joys, my night sweats have ceased! My depth of sleep has improved immeasurably and I no longer clear the plate before my ‘full’ sign clicks in.

Therefore, no bloated over eating feelings, more energy from better sleep, a dry bed AND like others, I have started dropping the weight in the last couple of weeks as my fat storage point truly gets the message! Prior to that, my scales stayed the same, but my measurements reduced, as the muscle increased and burned off the fat.

I am honoured to be a part of the incredible cutting edge science the team are there 24 hours a day and are a joy! The customer service has been nothing short of amazing all and any questions are answered promptly and positively. We are the Modius family and I love you all!

KC O'Day 

February 7 at 1:04pm

I’m doing well with my Modius experience so far, and I’m approaching it as a grand experiment! I’m not dieting, to me that defeats the intentions of the headset (although I do make healthful choices most of the time, of course!).

I’ve been documenting my progress with videos, and you can just go to my KC O’Day page on youtube if you want to watch them!

David Brown

December 6, 2017

Ten weeks today since the headset landed on my head. Over this time I have read nearly all the posts and comments…..what a range, from positive to negative, from complaining to gratitude.

I watched a slot on the news yesterday- a trial in the Uk, type 2 diabetics drinking a solution so many times per day for so many weeks with a percentage seeing reversal or partial recovery. What I see with Modius is something different. A product which goes to the control centre, speeds up the metabolism, improves sleep, reduces cravings and works,- it is in its infancy but I could well see many parts of the brain, diseases, conditions being helped or reversed by various electrical frequency stimulation.

I usually post my weight on a Wednesday, so this week down another 0.8 kgs. So the exact figures are 15.8.8 stone to 14.0.8. All I have been doing is using the headset daily (1hour). My sweet cravings are gone, still a few carbs creep in but are diminished. I’m eating healthier, trying to get a little more exercise and I keep thinking “I want to change, I want my blood lipids to improve naturally, I don’t want to be a burden on the NHS, I want to live long, enjoy life and giggle”.

This morning as always I have a strong sense of gratitude for this device. Thank you to Jason McKeown, Paul McGeoch, Neil Anderson, Jane McClenaghan, Hannah Heimer and all at Team Modius. Everyone has a strong desire to see us all healthier and live a better life. So everyone keep using the headset, if it doesn’t work right away persevere, if it crashes reset and reinstall the app- keep the big picture in mind.

Catherine Wall

November 30, 2017

A brilliant piece of equipment in your health arsenal. This device can help improve your sleep, apparently have a positive effect on your hormones and it really helps give you the edge over your brain’s attempt to sabotage your fat loss goals by resetting your hunger signals. I feel more motivated to work out, my waist is slimmer (as are other body parts) and I haven’t had the hard slog and feelings of starving that I experienced in the 6 months of trying to improve my health prior to getting Modius.

Not only that, when I injured my neck and was unable to workout (or watch my diet) over Christmas, I didn’t gain any weight, in fact I had a small weight loss. I was a very light sleeper and woke up multiple times a night, now after using Modius, my sleep is much improved. I originally got the device out of curiosity and with the hope it would help take the struggle out of weight loss and I’m beyond impressed with the benefits I’ve gained from using it. I plan to never give it up.

There are some reviews about the device / app being buggy and poor customer service, which is not my overall experience. I’ve had to reset my device a few times, it’s not a big issue but I feel that people have over-inflated expectations on a device that is newly developed and will therefore have teething issues. The Modius team have been great, are very helpful and supportive.

The private facebook community is meant to be a supportive one to encourage members etc, however some people choose to use it as a way to communicate their distress with problems (rather than messaging one of the team privately or sending an email) but thankfully this has been resolved. Complaints about being removed from the forum etc, are I suspect because of inappropriate use of the forum, not because the Modius team is underhanded or trying to hide anything.

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