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What is Modius SLIM?

Modius SLIM is a weight loss innovation device which uses vestibular stimulation technology to deliver a safe electrical pulse into the brain.


Cravings are influenced by the area of the brain stem called the parabrachial nucleus.

What happens to your cravings when you try to lose weight?

A common finding when people try to lose weight is that cravings for carbohydrates increase. This is especially true when the body is under stress making it harder to resist snacks and excess calories.


The hypothalamus regulates appetite by receiving feedback from hormones such as leptin, insulin and ghrelin.

What happens to your appetite when you try to lose weight?

The hypothalamus uses this feedback to automatically control your hunger. However, when body weight goes down the hypothalamus unfortunately increases appetite significantly.


Fullness is automatically regulated in the area of the brain called the nucleus of the solitary tract. It does this by monitoring signals from the gut and hormone levels in the blood. It is also this part of the brain that determines portion size and lets you know when you are full.

What happens to your sense of fullness when you try to lose weight?

It is this area of the brain stem that leads to someone never feeling satisfied with food and typically leads to overeating.

How does your brain react to a change in body weight?

Your brain fights to keep your body at a predetermined weight (often called the set point) in order to maintain the optimal amount of fat storage. The specific area in the brain that automatically regulates this in your body is called the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus uses a complex bio chemical process to regulate appetite and food intake. This means that when you go above or below your set point, your brain will push your body to settle back into what it believes is your ideal weight.

Unfortunately, when a person is over weight or obese this process naturally stores significantly more fat than it should.

Our success stories

Denise - 40 years old

Since May 2018 I have lost 65lbs.

I was at my heaviest and was not feeling great about myself and more importantly, my health was suffering.

Now that I have lost the weight, I feel amazing and more confident. My health is normal, no more high blood pressure.

Honestly, I hated who I had become before losing the weight. I can now move more freely and with ease. I look and feel better. I feel like I am in my late 20’s again.

It did help me lose fat, while keeping muscle.

Stephen - 43 years old

Since May 2018 I have lost 44lbs.

I had been trying to lose weight for some time and had been trying to watch what I was eating and was seeing a personal trainer at the gym a few times a week. Initially I did lose weight but after a while it just plateaued and I wasn’t losing anymore.

Modius absolutely made it easier. I have also noticed I am not nearly as hungry as I was previously. Being a chef you are constantly around food and it’s very tempting to constantly graze but I don’t do this anymore. Also, I find it easier to not snack when I get home.

Bree - 45 years old

I actively started trying to lose weight in March when I weighted in at 252 lbs and wanted to dramatically improve my health.

Modius was the game changer for me which made it easier to stay on track as I didn’t return to emotional eating.

I added Modius into my weight loss journey in January 2018 and found that it really helped me to avoid over-eating and reducing my sugar and carb cravings.

By December, I had lost 70lbs through a combination of Modius plus an improved diet and more exercise.

*Results may vary