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how to treat shift work sleep disorder

Three Tips To Handling Shift Work Sleep Disorder

by Team Modius on

What is SWSD Shift work sleep disorder or SWSD is a sleeping disorder that affects individuals that work irregular shifts outside the normal working hours of 9 a.m....

Best way to block noise when sleeping

5 Ways To Block Noise When Sleeping This Bonfire Night

by Team Modius on

In commemoration of the Gunpowder Plot dated back to 1605, November 5 is set aside each year to observe a vast array of fireworks and bonfire displays in...

What is the Best Sleep Position

3 Of The Best Sleeping Positions For Great Sleep

by Team Modius on

How did you sleep last night? If the answer is not a decisive “great!” you’re not alone. Over 160 million Americans have trouble sleeping consistently. And it turns...

what causes sleep paralysis

The Causes Of Sleep Paralysis & How To Manage It

by Team Modius on

What is Sleep Paralysis?   Sleep paralysis can be a frightening experience that is often hard to describe. Whilst it can be distressing and affect ones ability to...

delayed sleep wake disorder

What Is Delayed Sleep Wake Disorder & How To Manage It

by Team Modius on

The overwhelming majority of people today just aren’t getting as much sleep as their body requires. The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes that between 50...


What Is Hypersomnolence And How Is It Caused?

by Team Modius on

According to the American CDC, hypersomnolence is a sleep disorder commonly diagnosed by instances of excessive and what some would consider chronic sleepiness during the daytime hours. Millions...