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Stress Awareness Week

Take Part In Stress Awareness Week For 2019

by Team Modius on

Why Stress Is Bad For Your Health.   Stress is quickly becoming a modern-world pandemic, with high levels of generalised stress becoming ever more common and shifting towards...

low self esteem because of weight

3 Tips to Boosting Low Self-Esteem & Confidence

by Team Modius on

Self-esteem is how you feel in regards to yourself and how you rate your self-worth. Many factors can affect it but low self-esteem because of weight is an...

what is mindfulness

What Is Mindfulness And How Can You Practice It

by Team Modius on

When trying to define exactly what is mindfulness, it’s important to understand that when mindfulness has been practiced and is accomplished, it’s actually a new way to live...

components of mental well being

Five Key Components Of Mental Well Being

by Team Modius on

How does one define mental well-being? What are the key components of mental well-being? In the first place, let’s address the foundation of understanding this concept. That would...

cortisol and weight gain

Stress And Weight Gain- How Cortisol Can Affect Weight

by Team Modius on

Can Stress Cause Weight To Fluctuate?   Stress can affect both the body and the mind in many ways; one of which is the fluctuation of weight. Sufferers...

emotional stress & weight loss

The Relationship Between Emotional Stress and Weight Loss

by Team Modius on

Stress is a major contributor to many health problems that is often overlooked. Emotional stress can be incredibly overwhelming and affect multiple aspects of someones life; from their...