Stephen - Lost 44lbs

Stephen - Lost 44lbs

Before picture: Nov 2017 

After Picture: Dec 2018

Name: Stephen

Age: 43


Chef director for 3 busy restaurants

Do you have any family?

My wife Claire and my kids Lucy, Poppy and a new arrival due in 2019

How long have you been using Modius?

Since March 2018

How much weight have you lost with Modius?

44lbs / 3 stone 1 lb

Did you notice a change in your appetite and cravings and did you find this made losing weight easier?

Absolutely it has made it easier, I have also noticed I am not nearly as hungry as I was previously. Being a chef you are constantly around food and it’s very tempting to constantly graze but I don’t do this anymore. Also, I find it easier to not snack when I get home.

How has Modius transformed your life?

I had been trying to lose weight for some time and had been trying to watch what I was eating and was seeing a personal trainer at the gym a few times a week, initially I did lose weight but after a while it just plateaued and I wasn’t loosing anymore but since starting Modius I have noticed such a change. I really look forward to my Modius Time and I’ve also noticed it has helped with my sleep too.

How do you feel now since you have reached your new weight target?

I was very conscious about my weight before. Now it's just nice being able to lift clothes off the rack in the shop and know they will fit. Twice we have bought stuff recently and it has had to go back because it’s been too big, that’s something I haven’t experienced in such a long time.

Have other people commented on your weight loss?

Lots of people have commented, but it was only when I was really looking back in photos can I see such a change.

Have you recommended Modius to anyone else?

Yes, there are at least 3 people, my sister is one person who has bought a Modius headset since she has seen the dramatic difference it has made for me.