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Denise McCabe - Lost 65lbs

Denise McCabe - Lost 65lbs

Before picture: April 2018

After picture: January 2019

Name: Denise McCabe

Age: 40

Why did you decide to try Modius?

I was at my heaviest and was not feeling great about myself and more importantly, my health was suffering.

How long have you been using Modius?

Since May 2018

How much weight have you lost?

65lbs / 4.6 stone

Did you find that using Modius made losing weight easier?

It did help me lose fat while keeping muscle.

How has Modius transformed your life?

Now that I have lost the weight, I feel amazing and more confident. My health is normal, no more high blood pressure.

Did you feel down about your weight before Modius?

Honestly, I hate who I became before losing the weight!

Do you feel more confident in yourself now?

Yes, I can move freely and with ease. I look and feel better, I feel like I am in my late 20s again.

Has anyone else noticed your weight loss?

Yes, everyone!

Would you recommend Modius to other people? have nothing to lose but weight.